Linus Lewandowski

Full-stack software engineer focused on authentication and security.


Jan 2019 - Present

Netguru Senior Python Developer

Created a backend for a new mobile application in Python/Django.

Performed a thorough security review of a service with high security requirements.

Developed multiple open source libraries.

Worked on a development process team, figuring out how to improve software development processes in the whole company.

Python Django security

Nov 2016 - Nov 2017

Vewd Python Developer / DevOps Engineer

Re-platformed the system onto a Kubernetes cluster, with GitLab-based automatic deployment of each branch on a new, isolated environment.

Introduced Aiakos as the company-wide authentication system for app developers & app users.

Kubernetes GitLab AWS Python Go Django

May - Aug 2016

Influency Tech Lead

Designed and implemented an innovative time-series database that stores and processes billions of data points every day, performs advanced analytics over them (interpolation, integration, ...), downsamples the data and enables users to instantly receive answers for their queries.

Python Cassandra Google Cloud Kubernetes

Jul – Sep 2013

Daftcode Rightflow Developer

Created multiple components of real-time advertisement bidding system based on rtbkit – which is processing 100,000s of requests every second.

C++11 PostgreSQL Cassandra

Oct – Dec 2011

Daftcode Adlure Tech Lead

Leading a team of programmers, implemented a Python front end for configuring the system and watching statistics, and a C++ back end for counting and handling advertisement-related web requests.

C++11 Python

Own projects

Feb 2017 – Present

Aiakos Identity Provider

Passwordless login system for web applications. See the demo at

Old prototype (with passwords) is used by Vewd.

JavaScript Vue.js Python Django OpenID Connect OAuth

Aug – Oct 2015

JawneKsięgi Open-book accounting

Bookkeeping software that publishes all the financial data of an organization in a friendly and readable way.

Used by KWW Piotra Waglowskiego in the elections to the Senate.

Python Django SQLite

Aug 2014 – Present

pydbus Pythonic DBus library


Truly Pythonic API for accessing and publishing DBus (Linux standard IPC bus) objects.

Python DBus GLib